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Electric and Water Outlet Surrounds


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      C & S Enterprises  

  Dirt, Stone & Mulch

            7226 Raccoon Road, Manning, SC  29102 


Mulch, Pipe,  and Brick Page

Bulk Mulch:

Natural, 100% Cypress

Black Cypress Blend

Brown Cypress Blend

Gold Cypress Blend

Red Cypress Blend

Pine Straw

Wheat Straw


Driveway/Culvert Pipe:

Single Wall 8" and 10"

Double Wall 12", 15", 18", and 24"

Galvanized Steel 15", 18", and 24"

Connectors, 90's, and 45's

All pipe is in 20 ft. lengths


Fire Brick

Fire Brick Splits

Thin Brick